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Dog Left Chained Behind Walmart Chews Off Her Own Paw

And here’s another horrible story of animal maltreatment.

courtneywalmartdogWal-Mart surveillance footage shows two unidentified men chaining up 2-year-old pit-bull mix behind a Wal-Mart and then fleeing in the freezing temperatures of the Michigan winter. By the time an employee discovered the dog, the poor girl had chewed off her own paw. One veterinarian suggested that the pup might have begun chewing her leg when it became numb from a combination of cold and a lack of blood circulation.

Police on the scene immediately called an animal control officer upon discovering the dog with a cable tangled around her body and “missing half of her foot.” The police then directed the dog’s recovery to 4 Paws 1 Heart an organization which funds medical treatment for abandoned animals. Diana Rascano, president and co-founder of 4 Paws 1 Heart, said:

“We had no idea if the dog had a legitimate amputation or what the situation was. We discovered that she had actually chewed her paw off. The leash, it was like a cable, it was very thick and had tied around her leg and actually acted as a tourniquet. She was trying to get away. The vet said what saved her was the tourniquet that caused the blood flow to stop, and the subfreezing weather may have frozen some of the wound so that she didn’t bleed to death.”

courtneydogfeatured-600x397The pit-bull required two emergency surgeries: her hind leg had to be amputated and the bone shards she ingested while chewing off her paw needed to be removed. The sweet dog has been renamed “Courtney.” She is expected to make a full recovery while Hopeful Heart Rescue handles her adoption.

Despite being in pretty rough shape, Courtney is recovering and seems “happy,” Wittner said.

“She goes for car rides. She just absolutely loves people. Her favourite thing is giving kisses to everybody. She’s not angry. … She’s just the happiest dog in the world.”

Rascano added:

She’s been walking around licking everyone,” she said. “She’s just the sweetest dog. It seems like she belonged to someone at one time and how she winded up in that situation, we don’t know, but she will never have to go through that again.”

Courtney needs further medical care and a permanent home, Wittner said. Donations are welcome, and she’s already received several offers from people interested in adopting her.

“We just want her to go to the best home possible. We just want to make sure she has the best life that she deserves after everything she’s been through.”

Regarding the previous owners, Wittner said:

“I hope that those people turn themselves in because they’re cowards. That’s the lowest a human can be … they don’t deserve to have another animal in their home.”

To learn more about Courtney or if you are interested in adopting another rescue dog, please visit

Images via 4 Paws 1 Heart and The Detroit News at

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