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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

vanessa atalla-129
with our little chocolate lab ❤

You never know what you’re gonna get…

I’ve always been a dog lover. Sometime around the middle of August, 2013, I suddenly found myself obsessively thinking about adopting my first dog. I started combing the ads on the BC SPCA’s website and even went down a bunch of times after work to see who was waiting with big eyes inside the cages. I found that every time I called or went in, they only had dogs that were abused so they were not recommended for families with children. After several visits, a staff member took pity on me.

She said, “Listen, I happen to know that there is a litter of lab-mix puppies that are going to be going up for adoption soon. They are still too young to be adopted, but if you like, I can let you know when they are ready so you can come down and meet them. They are really cute, all different colours and sizes, a real odd mix of breeds.” I agreed to call her in a week’s time to learn more about the litter, but I forgot.

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 7.14.11 PMThen one Friday afternoon when I returned home from work, I had a message from the same lady on my machine. She wanted to let me know that adoption profiles for the puppies had been posted on BC SPCA Pet Search that morning.

I immediately started reading up on the little guys. They were 8 weeks old, and they were orphaned. The postings all said that they were corgis, but they all looked like Labrador crosses to me. I was smitten, but I felt it was hopeless. If they had gone online that morning while I was at work, what hope was there? Not to mention that the next day we were going to a barbecue so we’d miss the chance for sure.

DSCF5197 copy

We went to the barbecue, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the puppies. Finally my husband agreed to go  and see them. When we arrived we saw one of the puppies in the parking lot, wrapped lovingly in a blanket and her way to her forever home. My heart sank. I felt we had come too late. I was sure that scene had played out several times during the day and there were no puppies left to see.

When we entered, the lady told us that there had been a lot of interest in the puppies. There had been families in one after the other for two straight days at this point. She told us that for most of the day there had been a wait just to go into the little room with them. But now, with only 30 minutes before closing time, it was quiet. I could see them through the window playing together: precious.

vanessa atalla-18There were only three left: Polar Bear, Little Otter and Chunky Monkey. Bear and Apple had already been taken. (The person who named these poor puppies should be slapped.) When we went in, I was immediately attracted to the little white male puppy, Polar Bear, but he was more interested in taking a nap. Then, there was a rambunctious little chocolate-coloured female that wouldn’t leave me alone. She was busily nibbling my earrings and licking my face. It seemed obvious; we weren’t the ones doing the choosing.

12When the woman asked me which puppy we were interested in, I said that it was irrelevant which one I thought was the cutest because Chunky Monkey had already chosen us. I told her about our bad year, and how it would be so good for us to have this puppy, particularly since we had an empty place in our family and a lot of love to give.

We received the call about 15 minutes after we arrived home. We had basically been approved on the spot.

Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 7.52.44 PM

On August 25th, the next day, we adopted “Kahlúa.” She came into our lives at exactly the right moment.  2013 was a tough year for our family, with our autistic daughter being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a hip replacement surgery for hubby and a cancer diagnosis followed by a bilateral mastectomy for me.  It was only fitting that this awful run of bad luck be followed by the addition of this little ray of sun.  Kahlúa brought the light back into our home.  We can’t thank the SPCA enough for choosing our family to be this beautiful little angel’s people.  We can hardly remember what life was like without her. ❤

Cross stitch courtesy of Megan’s Stitches

3 thoughts on “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

  1. I agree. I’ve also heard that it’s possible for dogs and cats to become pregnant by different fathers. Maybe that is the case here and the dog owners weren’t aware of it. They obviously had an un-spayed female running around in heat.
    I suppose the SPCA went by what they were told by the family who surrendered the litter. (Otherwise, they would have to do an expensive genetic test.) It was a real mixed bag. I remember one looked like a Golden Retriever but with little short corgi legs. So funny.


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