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Mom Loses Her Shit over “Hilarious” Video

Several weeks ago, a terrible thing happened in our household. My daughter was watching YouTube through her account (which has Safety Mode enabled to the most extreme level possible.) She was in her bedroom with the door closed. Until this point, my peeks through her search history had uncovered nothing more interesting than Sailor Moon videos, let’s plays, video game cheats and walk-throughs. No biggie.

On the evening in question, my daughter exclaimed in a cheery voice from her bedroom door, “Mom, come look at this! It’s HILARIOUS!!!!” I bounced down the hall toward her room grinning ready for another cute dog video. I wasn’t expecting what happened next. Continue reading “Mom Loses Her Shit over “Hilarious” Video”

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That Time I Was Kidnapped in Venezuela

Read about one of the scariest experiences of my life! I’m certainly much more aware of my naiveté and I’m a little more cautious these days.


When I was a college co-ed, I decided to take my white bread Canadian self down to South America with my then-boyfriend Adam.  The idea was that I’d broaden my horizons and see some of the world during the semester break.  First stop:  Caracas, Venezuela.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Lonely Planet [guide to discovering] South America on a Shoestring ©1997. (Yes, I still have it.)


Venezuela is a relatively safe country in which to travel, though robbery is becoming a problem. Common crime is increasing in the large cities. Caracas is by far the most dangerous place in the country, and you should take care while strolling about the streets, particularly at night. Keep your passport and money next to the skin, and your camera, if you are carrying one, hidden in a pack or bag. Venturing into poor shanty-towns is asking for trouble.  Avoid police…

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Deplorable Dog Owner Surrenders Pet Because “He’s not as active as he used to be.”

Regina Lizik

tyson-the-dobieOn May 1, Jill Dyche was filming dogs at the Carson Animal Shelter in California when she heard a dog crying. When she found the 9 year old Doberman, she saw that his owner was surrendering him.

Jill captured the Dobie’s heartbreak on video and shared it on Facebook. It soon went viral. Continue reading “Deplorable Dog Owner Surrenders Pet Because “He’s not as active as he used to be.””

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Super Brigadeiro WIN!

IMG_0525So, this past weekend I decided to redouble my Brigadeiro-making efforts. I enlisted the help of an actual Brazilian to ensure a better result this time. And a better result it was indeed! I’m pleased to say that I now understand where I went (oh-so-very) wrong last time.

The authentic Brazilian was my friend and coworker Mariana. She was kind enough to offer this free lesson out of a sense of pity (given the level of my fail) and national pride. Continue reading “Super Brigadeiro WIN!”