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Deplorable Dog Owner Surrenders Pet Because “He’s not as active as he used to be.”

Regina Lizik

tyson-the-dobieOn May 1, Jill Dyche was filming dogs at the Carson Animal Shelter in California when she heard a dog crying. When she found the 9 year old Doberman, she saw that his owner was surrendering him.

Jill captured the Dobie’s heartbreak on video and shared it on Facebook. It soon went viral.

Jill asked the 9 year-old pup’s owner why he was leaving him behind. He said that “he’s not as active as he used to be.” No one knows what this lovable boy’s name really is because his owner left before Jill could get it. The shelter has renamed him Tyson and his story is already on its way to a happy ending.

After only two days, and thousands of Facebook views, Tyson was taken in by a family. He will be fostered by them until he can find his forever family. Maybe that family is your family? He is good with cats and kids and clearly has a lot of love to give!

Send adoption inquiries to Northern California Doberman Rescue.

Featured Image via Saving Carson’s Shelter Dogs.

h/t The Examiner.

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