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Zoë’s Locks of Love



Last week, my daughter stunned me. She has been growing her hair out for quite some time, and it was starting to get pretty long. I have been telling her all along that she needs to take care of it if she wants it to look nice. She is growing up, and she can’t rely on me to always make sure it’s tangle-free and looking good. She has really risen to the challenge, and I’ve been pretty impressed.

IMG_5879Then, last week, she announced to me that she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

img-kids1Zoë was particularly concerned about kids with alopecia, a condition that causes the hair to fall of in large patches. I was shocked that she wanted to cut her lovely long hair short, but  I was even more blown away that she was thinking about doing something so selfless and lovely. As a typical thirteen year old, my daughter is in a very selfish phase at the moment, and nothing could have taken me more by surprise than this.

So, I booked her an appointment a week later to give her ample time to change her mind. The opposite happened. She never stopped talking about the big day, and that day was today with an appointment to see Chelsey Blair at Prickly Scot Hair Lounge in Vancouver, BC.

Zoë in 2010

We spent the week leading up to it looking at photos of shorter haircuts until we arrived at one we both really liked. We chose a cut that had looked awesome on her as a little girl, but with a little more flair. I agreed that we would also add some blonde highlights this time to give her some edge.


The moment of cutting was kind of emotional for me, but she was happy as can be! Look at that smile!

She spent the rest of the appointment talking about how her hair would help to make a wig for a child, and she suggested that I do the same after my hair grows out some more. ❤

I’m so proud of my beautiful little baby. She is growing up, and I am such a proud mamma right now. I didn’t know she was capable of such selfless acts of kindness, and this gives me tremendous hope for the future!



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