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Eat Play Louvre: Day 1-2,  London to Paris

This is travel day!

It was a little stressful and I hardly had time to do anything to get ready yesterday because:

A. Our power was out from 11:30 pm until 5:00 pm the next day! And

B. We had a wedding to go to at 5 pm. So, we had to get ready in the dark, and with lukewarm water. It was a challenge; we were late to the wedding and almost missed the ceremony! (That’s me hiding in the gauze.)

After the wedding, I forced myself to stay awake until 3 am to try to turn my internal clock around. I was mostly successful.

I flew into London early on Monday morning. I was incredibly lucky to have this ridiculous seat next to the window. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much leg room in my entire life. Thanks, Edwin (who changed my seat!) My flight was delayed (of course) so I only had about two hours to look around London. It was just enough time to take the above photo of me with the red telephone box and then I wasn’t sure where to go, so I ended up at the Covent Market (next to Covent Gardens.) The only things I ended up buying were a tiny replica red phone box and double decker bus to decorate my bathroom… Yes, I said my bathroom.

There had been an attack at an Ariana Grande concert days before in Manchester, so security was through the roof. In addition to the heightened security, there was also a major computer breakdown at British Airways, so cancelled flights had magically been transformed into train trips, significantly increasing ridership for a couple of days. Below is a photo of the queue to get into the queue (or the line up for the line up, for those who only speak American.) People were shouting, fighting, crying… It was all kinds of crazy. This pic is before even entering on the left. There were about three times this many people on the other side of the doors, but NO CAMERAS.

My hotel in Paris is pretty swanky! It’s an old apartment building converted into a hotel. My room is on the fifth floor, and I learned that there was an elevator only after climbing the stairs with all my luggage. It’s in the weirdest location just floating in the middle of the lobby and disguised as a Coke Machine. The interior of the elevator is mirorred on all sides to give the illusion of being bigger than an elevator with a two-person (or person + suitcase) maximum capacity.

Now I’m in my hotel room. I’m hot & hungry, but happy. Time for a shower and a bite to eat!

Gotta conserve my energy for tomorrow: MY BIRTHDAY IN PARIS!!!! 😆

Peace out, world!


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