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Eat Play LOUVRE: Day 4-Meeting Mona

IMG_7113Our organized “tour” of the Louvre came with a confusing map, and an even more confusing audio guide. After frustratedly trying to work it out, we left the museum in search of lunch to soothe our hungry hearts and minds. The lunch was surprisingly good! Actually one of the best I had in Paris! It was a pretzel baguette. Magnifique!

IMG_1472.jpgThe museum, of course, was breathtaking. Particularly when a pre-recorded message and alarm sound instructing “all guests to proceed to the exits immediately.” I was truly scared, but it seems I was the only one. Everyone else was chilling there taking in the art and beauty. The security guards assured us it was nothing, but the message repeated several times that it was anything but.

IMG_1444We saw the Mona Lisa. She’s tiny, and cute, and hyped up. It seems she was stolen for some number of years and became somewhat of a celebrity as a result upon her return to the museum. The shine never wore off. I saw many equally and more beautiful works that are not behind two layers of bullet-proof glass.

We stayed at the museum for about five hours, then perused the museum gift shop. I expected to find wonderfully clever items there and was fully prepared to part with some cash, but it was more of the same tacky dreck I’d seen elsewhere. I bought nothing.

IMG_1476We walked across the Pont Neuf and enjoyed the Left Bank. I tried to find a coin for my husband at the French mint, but again I was disappointed. So, we walked in the direction of the Latin Quarter in search of a meal. The vibe here was fascinating! The winding corridors and alleys delighted the eye, building cleverly constructed in corners and between neighboring building were whimsical and fun. There were cafés, bars and bistros on every corner. Sometimes a “corner” was actually a two or five-way intersection. Nothing in the area was linear. We found a restaurant, but the food was terrible. The owner claimed it was “real” French food. If that’s the case, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. However, the view was lovely so I was mollified.

IMG_1478.jpgAfter dinner, a stroll through the the neighborhood revealed an array of art galleries and fantastic little boutiques. Here we bought some postcards and I found a Petit Prince pocket mirror that I love. We walked back across and took our exhausted selves home to bed by bus.

IMG_1428.jpgI HEART Paris. Can I stay here forever???

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