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Eat Play Louvre: Day 5- Sacré-Cœur ❤️

IMG_1494After breakfast, we decided to explore Montmartre. At the foot of the hill, there is a vibrant neighbourhood of wonderful vintage clothing shops. I found a hand-made vintage dress that my daughter is going to just love!

I have officially found my Happy Place.

After exploring the shops, many of which were built over ancient stone cellars, we stumbled across a quaint little café. I just love the energy here! We have cafés at home, and many have patio seating, but there is something so romantic about drinking coffee with this amazing architectural backdrop and surrounding by sophisticated people speaking French. It’s like being in a dream!


The streets closer to the hill revealed to us more shopping opportunities. I went into a gorgeous boutique called Belle de Jour and bought a delicious citrusy perfume for my daughter (which I plan to borrow often and without permission.) I also found the most wonderful little macaron shop. For a price, one can feast on these delicacies in a decadent rainbow of colours and flavours. I treated myself to just four of the rich delicacies.

Pylones-Opening-August-2014-77-of-117.jpgThere is a shop in Paris called Pylones that sells adorable and cheeky items for children and the young-at-heart. I spent an small fortune in this place because we have both types of folks at my house.

947ce518fff969464acdce3d04153d31.jpgWe were fortunate to accidentally climb the staircase to the left of the main, tourist one which is teeming with thieves and scoundrels of every stripe. We escaped any major inconvenience aside from a pair of aching calves that still troubled me three days later.

IMG_1511.jpgThe cathedral was humbling. The beauty of the frescoes, murals, stained glass and the wood were comparable to nothing I’d ever seen. The paintings appeared to be medieval to my untrained eye. I can’t fathom how long they’ve been standing here or how many insignificant little tourists they spied in their days on those walls.

IMG_1521.jpgWe survived the walk back the our hotel and I saw the “three cup” scammers working their magic on unsuspecting tourists. After a shower and a nap, we headed back in the direction of the Moulin Rouge in search of an Italian meal.


The area was much more vibrant by night, with peep shows, burlesque theatres and lap-dance bars in full swing. There were bachelorette parties on one side and Romani children begging on the other.

Eiffel Tower dildos. Of course.

What a trip.

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