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NO REGRETS (Death Can Kiss My Ass)

dia_de_los_muertos-bannersIn the autumn of 2009, I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead.) It was about three years before my breast cancer diagnosis. I will never know if I already had cancer at that time. I was drawn to the holiday because of my obsession with the macabre. I wasn’t afraid of death before my diagnosis, and I’m not afraid of death now. There is one major difference, though. Continue reading “NO REGRETS (Death Can Kiss My Ass)”

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My Fake Boobs Defy The Laws of Physics

I plan to post a before/after story about my follow-up reconstruction procedure, so I wanted to share some of the reasons why I had it done. This post from Oct 2014 explains it all rather eloquently.


I want to dedicate this post to my husband and my biggest supporter. I love you to infinity and beyond. ❤

I’ve had my new rack for just over a year. I know that I shouldn’t complain. I’m lucky to have them at all. I’m fortunate to look more or less the same in clothes as I did before. In fact, my plastic surgeon did such a fabulous job that no one really knows what I went through.

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For those of you who don’t know my story, here is what I’ve had done in a nutshell:

1. February 2013, I get the diagnosis: I have two, possibly three invasive ductal carcinomas in the right breast.

2. Surgery is scheduled for April 9th, 2013. I have the option to have both breasts removed and I take it without hesitation.

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