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What is a ‘Real’ Canadian?

o-CANADA-FLAG-facebookI have a pretty awesome job. I get paid to chat with really interesting people from around the world. In other words, I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students. They are always full of questions about my country and they aren’t shy about asking. One of the popular questions they tend to ask is, “Teacher, where are all of the REAL Canadians?”

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Vancouver is, indeed, a very multicultural city with plenty of non-Caucasian inhabitants. Frequently misled by advertising media, this is in direct opposition to the expectations of many of my foreign students. “Where are all of the white people?” they demand to know. Continue reading “What is a ‘Real’ Canadian?”

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Teacher, what is Canadian food?

I love my job. I teach English to foreigners who have come to Canada to learn about our culture as well as the language. My students are very inquisitive, and there are a number of questions that I have been asked on a regular basis for about 12 years.

Canada-question-e1362976276597I am comfortable fielding just about any questions my students ask me about Canada or Canadians, for example:

Is Canada just another USA?

Do you love Americans?

Is marijuana legal here?

Why does it rain so much in Vancouver?

Why does everyone in Canada have a dog?

Why are there so many homeless people here if your country is rich?

Who taught the homeless to read?

Do you love the queen?

Is it true that you have a gay street in Vancouver?

Where are all the “real” (white) Canadians?

What is Canadian food?

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