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Eat Play Louvre: Day 5- Sacré-Cœur ❤️

IMG_1494After breakfast, we decided to explore Montmartre. At the foot of the hill, there is a vibrant neighbourhood of wonderful vintage clothing shops. I found a hand-made vintage dress that my daughter is going to just love!

I have officially found my Happy Place.

After exploring the shops, many of which were built over ancient stone cellars, we stumbled across a quaint little café. I just love the energy here! We have cafés at home, and many have patio seating, but there is something so romantic about drinking coffee with this amazing architectural backdrop and surrounding by sophisticated people speaking French. It’s like being in a dream! Continue reading “Eat Play Louvre: Day 5- Sacré-Cœur ❤️”

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Día de Muertos Trip to Mexico City

night-time-vigil-at-the-graveyards05In most cultures, we fear death. Death conjures images of being cold, forgotten and alone. In Mexico, however, they have the most rich, colourful and vibrant way of dealing with death. The Mexican people are all about celebrating life in death. Día de Muertos is a holiday that encourages gathering together with family and friends to pray for and remember those who have passed. In October and November of 2009, I decided to visit Mexico City to experience this remarkable holiday for myself. My now-husband was still living in Mexico at the time, and became my host, interpreter and guide for the duration of my visit. Continue reading “Día de Muertos Trip to Mexico City”

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So, I Married a Mexican

“Más o menos”, one can divide the world into two fairly distinct cultural groupings based on communication style, behaviour and perspectives. We can call these groups “hot” and “cold.”


Canada, of course, belongs in the cold group along with the Northern part of the United States, Northern Europe and all of its other settlements: Australia, New Zealand, Southern Brazil, White / European South Africa and European Argentina. These areas have a few things in common culturally. For example, in the “cold” countries, we value individuality and independent thinking rather than group consensus.

Continue reading “So, I Married a Mexican”