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Sticks and Stones: My Story of Bullying and Acceptance

Four eyes.   Nerd.   Geek.   Loser.   Freak.   Bitch.   Slut.   Whore.   I have been called all of these and worse. I was bullied a lot in school. Surprisingly, for me the girls were always the worst offenders.

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10-year-old four-eyes

Four Eyes

I was a tall, gangly kid with a lazy eye and thick glasses. The bullying got really bad for me when I was around 12. Younger than that, kids are a little less savage, but they still do enjoy name-calling. Furthermore, children are not always nice to the new kid and I went to a new school almost every year.



My worst year, by far, was seventh grade. Continue reading “Sticks and Stones: My Story of Bullying and Acceptance”