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How to make Mexican Burrito Lasagna

This is a very easy recipe that I created for my family. My husband is from Mexico and he loves spicy foods. Me? Not so much, but I try to find a happy medium. Burritos are delicious, but any true Mexican will tell you that they aren’t a Mexican original. Invented in 1910 by an entrepreneurial businessman, burritos are the white man’s Mexican food. Juan Mendez prepared the burritos and took them across the Rio Bravo to United States during the Mexican Revolution. The Yanks across the river couldn’t get enough!

Delicious? Yes, but not traditional Mexican fare. Nonetheless, my family knows yummy when they see it, ergo: my creation! Without further ado, Mexican Burrito Lasagna!

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So, I Married a Mexican

“Más o menos”, one can divide the world into two fairly distinct cultural groupings based on communication style, behaviour and perspectives. We can call these groups “hot” and “cold.”


Canada, of course, belongs in the cold group along with the Northern part of the United States, Northern Europe and all of its other settlements: Australia, New Zealand, Southern Brazil, White / European South Africa and European Argentina. These areas have a few things in common culturally. For example, in the “cold” countries, we value individuality and independent thinking rather than group consensus.

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